Chicago is one of America’s most visited cities because of its rich history, stunning skyline, and delicious cuisines. Whether you’re a native to the town, just passing through, or relocating, the observation deck in the heart of the city has the best skyline view near Chicago.

Enjoy A Thrilling Experience

This observation deck gives you so much more than 360-degree views of the skyline of Chicago, Lake Michigan, and the surrounding areas. When you reach the deck 1,000-feet above Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, you can interact with different exhibits that will tell you about the history of the city, but you can also climb aboard the most thrilling ride in Chicago, Tilt!

Tilt can carry up to eight guests at once and offers unbeatable views of the city while tilting you 30-degrees out and over The Magnificent Mile.

Visit from Home

Because of the current climate these days, it’s not always easy to plan a day trip or vacation with your loved ones. When you’re tired of binge-watching television and searching for activities at home, be sure to check out the observation decks website to interact with some of the features in the comfort of your own home. Not only will this save your wallet from spending money at different attractions, but it gives you something different and educational to do with the family in the safety of your home.

Contact the team at 360 Chicago to learn more about the different attractions, and best skyline view near Chicago.

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