Optimizing cable and wire routing throughout a component, device, or system is an important part of the overall design and development. Working with a top company offering custom wire harness design and assembly can be a highly effective option for an OEM.

The right wiring harness does more than just hold the wires into a tight bundle. It also helps to reduce the risk of electromagnetic interference in the device or system. The use of right custom wire harness is also helpful in routing the wires through the design or device in a way that limits the risk of damage to the wires during assembly, fabrication, or use.

Industry Standards Met

In working with an established, experienced company for a wire harness design, the OEM can be assured the end product meets all required industry standards. This includes international standards, allowing the OEM to market their products, equipment, and devices internationally without any concerns of inability to meet standards.

The top company offering custom wire harness can also provide full document validation and work with the OEM for sourcing for all materials to meet industry regulations and requirements.

Cost Effective Solutions

In working with companies that provide wire harness design as well as assembly, costs of production can be easily maintained. This allows the OEM to calculate the cost of the harness and assembly as well as supply chain costs, and also to have the ability to ramp up order volumes quickly based on increases in demand.

While a lot of the production of wire harnesses is completed in Asia, there are some US-based companies that offer very competitive pricing. In addition to similar production costs, there is also a decrease in logistics costs and faster turnaround time on orders.

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