Owners and property managers of community residential living spaces often look for ways to improve the outdoor setting. They want to attract new tenants and keep the current ones satisfied, so they don’t move away. Tennis court installation in Guilford, CT is one way to enhance the property with a feature that appeals to individuals of practically any age. Residents of a senior living community commonly can play easygoing games of doubles tennis even if they are dealing with a certain level of arthritis or other chronic condition. Young children also can learn the basic points of the game, and even have fun just batting the ball back and forth.

Apartment community property owners may wonder whether the cost of tennis court installation in Guilford, CT is worth it. Will the residents really play often? Typically they will, and if they seem hesitant, the community manager might set up social events with the tennis court being a central focus. A Saturday afternoon picnic during which residents can get to know one another can be held near the court. Tennis equipment can be provided in case many residents don’t have any. With increased happiness at the community, retention rates will be higher, and residents will recommend the place to their acquaintances looking for a new home.

Another advantage is that a tennis court can be used as a pickleball court, opening up possibilities for another fun exercise activity. The installation technicians paint lines and other markings on asphalt and concrete in addition to laying it and providing resurfacing services. The standard tennis court lines can be painted onto the surface as well as pickleball lines in a different color to designate a smaller playing area.

With a tennis court installed by a contractor like Atwater Paving, the community residents find more satisfaction in their outdoor environment and the chance to participate in healthy, enjoyable exercise without leaving home. Maintenance for this structure is substantially less intensive than certain other environmental improvements, such as swimming pools. In addition, the residents and their guests can play in cool weather when they wouldn’t be likely to swim or when swimming season is over.

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