Finding the right fire alarm Louisville KY located is going to be about the needs of your particular business as well as the standards that you have. Here are some ways to figure out this problem.

Monitoring Level

One way to see if a fire alarm Louisville KY located is going to work for you is to look at the level of monitoring they offer. For example, some of the larger systems talk about 24-hour monitoring for fires, but they have so many clients in so many states in the country that it seems unlikely that your particular facility or building is going to get that much attention. When it comes to a service like Sonitrol at, you know that they have more attention to each individual building because they do it by region instead of trying to monitor hundreds of places from one area at once.


You can also tell that the quality of a site might be up to spec when they put money on the line. Sonitrol does this in a number of different ways. For example, they guarantee against false alarms. This means that if a false alarm happens, and it turns out to be their fault, then they will actually pay the fine incurred.

They also guarantee against damages in some situations as well. It depends upon the circumstance, but they actually do want to stand by their pledge to prevent damage to your property when it comes to fires. It will motivate them to make sure they get the quickest response possible if a fire should happen.

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