At AwesomeCloud, we understand the importance of being able to provide your clients and customers with top quality options to improve their business. When you are an IT or managed-service professional, having the ability to provide your customers with cloud services only make sense.

There are a lot of benefits to becoming a white label hosting reseller besides the obvious ability to provide a much needed service to your customers. However, through being able to market our cloud services you have the ability to take advantage of a wide range of different products and offers that will not only impress your customers but also add to your bottom line.


Through AwesomeCloud, we provide you with a fully scalable solution for all your client needs from the largest company to a small startup business. We use the secure Microsoft-driven solutions that are tried and true, and that are easy for your customers to use even if they may not have an in-house IT team on site.

Once you become a white label hosting reseller you will be able to provide services that have full fail-over protection, so you customers can be secure in transferring their old computer based programs to the cloud. There will also be full integration with their current on-premise services and programs, and all the features they ask for will be available.

You will have the option to allow your customers to choose from hybrid clouds to fully public or completely private options. This will suit the needs of both small and large businesses, and it offers a true backup plan in the type of some type of disaster that could result in complete or partial loss of data with on-premise software and servers.

Back-up Options

If a business only needs backup services, you can offer that as well when you are a white label hosting reseller. This is often all that small businesses need, and it will be a must for large companies as well. Through our systems, the data is backed up continually and automatically, so there is never an issue with forgetting to run the program.

We also provide your customers with same-day restore times, which is critical for businesses. This is a great benefit both as a selling point for you and to give peace of mind to your customers.

Being able to offer this variety of services, from full cloud hosting to automatic backup and restoration, helps to position your IT business to provide branded, top quality services to all your customers.

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