There is a lot of misinformation online that may end up costing used car buyers a lot of extra money, frustration and time when purchasing their next vehicle. One common misconception is the working with a Ford dealership offering certified pre-owned vehicles is going to end up costing the buyer more for the vehicle.

There are several important reasons why buying from a certified pre-owned Ford dealership is actually a cost-saving decision. To understand just how these dealers can save you money, consider the following benefits that won’t be found at a corner lot or with purchases through a local, regional or national used car chain.

Full Inspection

To qualify to be a certified, pre-owned vehicle, the car, truck or SUV has to pass the Ford authorized 172-point inspection. This ensures that the vehicle is in exceptional working condition.

The inspection includes a review of the vehicle history, a full road test, complete diagnostics and a visual check of the interior and exterior components of the vehicle.

Limited Warranty Coverage

By choosing an authorized Ford dealership to purchase your next used car, you also have the peace of mind of limited warranty coverage. There will be a 12 month/ 12,000-mile comprehensive limited warranty coverage for components and systems including the engine, transmission, steering, brakes as well as suspension. This will also include most electronic components including factory installed audio and air conditioning and heating systems.

The powertrain limited warranty will also be standard, which will include a 7 year/100,000-mile warranty. This includes 24-hour roadside assistance and can be transferred if you sell the vehicle.

There are also additional extended service plans that will be offered, just talk to the dealership to see which options are best for your driving needs. With these added features, the benefits of buying a used vehicle from an authorized dealer have the potential to save you money.

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