Consumers may add value to a home with Landscape Design in Weston CT. In fact, most landscapers let the homeowner participate in the project. The professionals want to know what ideas the customer has in mind.

What Is Landscape Design?

Experts who handle Landscape Design in Weston CT look at a yard like a blank canvas. In fact, the best place to start is with a piece of paper and scaled dimensions. The landscaper works strategically to come up with a road map for the yard.

First, the landscaper draws what is already in the yard. This includes the shrubs, flowers, ground-covers, and trees. If anything is moved, it should be incorporated into the design. Stairs and walkways should be included in the design plan.

Additionally, the map helps pin-point the best place to put new features. For example, the owner may want to add a water fountain or a tiny zen garden.

The Benefits Of Landscape Design

Drawing up a plan together allows the homeowner and designer to discuss what materials will be used. The discussion centers around what materials are the best value so the homeowner can stick to a budget. Further, realtors say professional landscaping increases property values. Also, the house will be easier to sell later.

A yard can be landscaped to give a home more privacy. Strategically placed trees and shrubs can block prying eyes and some street noise. Moreover, a unique, manicured lawn gives the homeowner a sense of accomplishment. This is especially true if the yard makes the home stand out in the neighborhood.

Finally, there are environmental benefits to landscape design. Trees can be placed in areas to provide much-needed shade for the home. It is a good idea to provide some shade for the air conditioning unit, as well. Homeowners can save up to 25-percent on electric costs.


Interestingly, many landscapers use computer software to help with the project. The software provides a template for the yard and makes it easier to work with the homeowner. The parties can e-mail each other with suggestions and changes using the template. For more information, browse the website for Northeast Horticultural Services.

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