An elevator provides easy access to multiple floors of a building and can help ensure that a building is compliant with any ADA requirements by making it accessible to persons with physical disabilities. There are many different types of elevators, but one of the most popular are those that are powered by a hydraulic motor, as they offer a variety of benefits in addition to being more economical to install. Before purchasing elevator equipment be sure to research the many reasons why Hydraulic Elevators in Washington DC are the most attractive option.

Quiet Operation

The motor unit for a hydraulic elevator is usually located in an inconspicuous area, which allows it to operate without creating lots of noise. This makes them perfect for use in medical facilities and office buildings, as they will not make a space uncomfortable or add any additional noise that could be a distraction. Other elevator models that operate with a counter weight can be extremely noisy during operation.

Low Maintenance Costs

Hydraulic Elevators in Washington DC have very few moving parts, which means there are fewer items that can break which makes the elevators extremely affordable to maintain. Other models are comprised of hundreds of different elements, and if the parts wear down, it can lead to safety issues and thousands of dollars worth of repairs. Keep the lifetime expenses associated with an elevator at a minimum by choosing a hydraulic powered unit.

Safe Emergency Evacuations

An elevator that uses a counter weight can be extremely unsafe during an emergency evacuation, and though the elevator should not be used in most emergencies, it can be the only way for some individuals to exit the building safely. If the cable that holds the counter weight becomes damaged, it can cause the car to stop operating and can lead to injury if the weight falls into an area that is filled with people.

When purchasing an elevator, it is important to view the various designs available. Elevator Technologies Inc. provides installation and service on a wide array of lifts and can help anyone choose the best model for their building. Contact them today to learn more, and see how affordable installing an elevator should be.

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