The biggest benefit is the cost. By purchasing the monument or marker before you need it, you could potentially save your family thousands of dollars. Not only does this prevent them from having to pay for one at the time of your passing, but it also could save money by locking in the cost before inflation rises the prices. These savings will free up more of your family’s inheritance or insurance payments to better care for themselves, which is particularly helpful if you pass before your time.

Another major benefit to buying your monument now is you will be able to get the style you want, not just the one your family picks out while they are grieving for you. You will have the opportunity to view the available styles or request a more customized style tailored to your unique personality and tastes. During the purchase you can also dictate what is written on the stone, which will leave a lasting impression on your family. This will also ensure you have a marker at all because many families forgo the monument due to cost.

Pre-planning your funeral has become more popular as the cost increases. Many people purchase their grave plots long before they are needed and even go so far as the plan out the events they would like to happen for their funeral. However, not as many people are aware that you can actually purchase the best Monuments in New Haven beforehand as well. In fact, doing so has many benefits to you and your family.

Besides saving money and ensuring your personal style are represented in your marker, buying one during your pre-planning preparations will also ensure less stress on your loved ones. It takes a lot out of a person when they have to say goodbye to someone they love. This can lead to clouded judgment, which can open them up to being taken advantage of at their time of loss and talked into spending more than they can afford. Buying a monument now removes this task from them, allowing them more time to grieve for you without the added stress.

If you would like more information on pre-purchasing markers or Monuments in New Haven, or to speak to a representative, please contact the friendly staff at Shelley Brothers Monuments.

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