A K9 unit is integral to the successful of many law enforcement agencies as well as rescue teams. It is therefore imperative that the health and safety of the canine colleagues give a more intense focus. A K9 heat alarm system in a police vehicle or K-9 Unit will go a long way to assure this safety. Even today, many officers keep the AC running in their police vehicles for their canine partners. However, the engine is hardly a reliable friend for its dependence on car batteries that may run down and radiators that could cause problems that lead to the air-conditioning shutting down.

Tested for Durability
For the silent heroes who protect millions dutifully, citizens need more. The heat alarm system works like a typical heat alarm that detects excess or abnormal thermal energy and connects with a heat sensitive apparatus to emit a warning or signal. Advancements in technology has enabled the innovation and design of user-friendly and durable heat alert systems that offer life-saving heat alarm equipment for all kinds of K9 unit needs. These have gone through robust testing phases that have not only marked them as efficient, but also as extremely durable, a feature that is imperative when used in conjunction with animals and everyday use.

How Does This Alarm System Work?
This advanced temperature observing system involves monitoring of vital components like the temperature devices and battery voltage in a canine vehicle. The data collected is displayed as 32-character LCD alphanumeric information that is backlit. If the heat reaches the alarm detection level it leads to multiple and simultaneous actions like siren and light-bar triggering, a horn honk signal activation and window drop, all life-saving features for a K9 unit. There are dual temperature sensors that are remote and include 15′ extended cables, which means you can set them anywhere in the vehicle. These heat alarm systems are very easy to set up. The temperature alarm level is simple to adjust and with more accurate sensors each unit can generate more comprehensive status reports. Whenever the ignition is turned off the heat alarm switches on automatically. It remains on till the handler turns it off. If the handler simply turns the ignition off and leaves the vehicle, the alarm will stay on and continue to monitor the interior environment for the K9 partner. They can do so by pressing and holding the power button to shut down the system. Before it shuts down, the system gives out both audio and visual warning to remove the dog from the vehicle.

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