Some companies are better at providing authentic and ongoing work from home jobs than others. In fact, there are specific industries that excel at providing serious remote workers with enough work to keep them busy and provide a decent income in return. However, be careful of suspicious and unreliable sounding companies that sound too good to be true. Should someone connect with any of these types of companies, they will actually end up paying the company instead of getting paid.

The Big Three

While there are many industries that offer work from home jobs or projects, there are three specific fields or industries that offer a possible lucrative career path with a real future. These include medical and health, computer and IT and customer service. There are others, but these industries have a history of offering real online jobs. You could say they jumped on the work-from-home bandwagon early. These types of companies have the experience, the knowledge and the resources to recruit, train and engage the right type of individual who will be successful in an online work role.

Beware the Scams

There are companies or organizations that prey on vulnerable possible recruits. They know there are many people who are desperate enough to take the first opportunity that comes their way. These scammers have similar qualities. If you are considering a work from home jobs situation or consultant role, be on the lookout for these characteristics. Job scammers are usually foreign-based. If there is trouble, there r is no recourse for the unsuspecting victim. Scam companies often have a dubious history, no current client list and may even ask for a down payment for the chance to work from home. It’s also important to note legit companies should never ask for personal information, such as bank account numbers and passport or other identifying information. The Better Business Bureau is an excellent resource to check on any potential companies.

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