Planting a tree takes valuable time and money and contributes to the future appeal of a homeowner’s landscape. Implementing trees in a backyard is an investment that should be planned for. Some trees outlast humans in their lifespans while providing oxygen and beauty to the yard year after year. There are important decision-making factors involved in buying the right tree.

A homeowner should start their Tree Planting in Brandon FL endeavor by considering their soil type. The kind of dirt trees are planted in contributes to their health and vitality; it makes all the difference in how strong and beautiful they will grow. The soil must be compatible with the tree roots and should be determined along with depth, moisture retention, drainage, and soil pH. When tree shopping, find a tree that has a shape and size that fits where it will be planted.

Pruning is always an option, but it can be frustrating to homeowners and the tree. Excessively tall trees are risky when planted underneath or near power lines, keep in mind small trees will grow really tall. Trees like weeping willows have sweeping, low branches that can become annoying next to a driveway or street. Other trees have berries or nuts that fall into pools and driveways, creating a nuisance. Homeowners can find assistance for choosing trees to plant from professional companies like

Research how a specific tree type will grow in the location throughout the year. Check to see which type of insect problems it has during the summer and what kind of damage it suffers from poor winter hardiness in the first months of spring. Staying local while shopping and tree planting in Brandon FL is important because it allows homeowners to shop for trees that are adapted to conditions of the area. Ask the nursery about the tree’s origins, it’s best to buy a tree that’s been propagated between 100 to 200 miles of the area. Try not to buy trees that are a result of tree parents found in different climates. Inspect the tree prior to buying it. Look for trees that are growing well, with a strong central leader and sturdy branching structure. For trees that are in containers, tip the pot and check for root health. The roots should be live and not continuously circling.

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