A person suffering from tinnitus may be bothered enough by the condition that working full-time becomes impossible. Although audiologists recognize that the disorder can be disabling, convincing the Social Security Administration of this is difficult. Legal representation by a Social Security Disability attorney in Mesa, AZ, is important when completing the application as it improves the chances of the claim being approved.

About Tinnitus

A person with tinnitus hears unpleasant sounds without an exterior source. Examples include buzzing, ringing, hissing or squealing. Some individuals experience the problem intermittently, but others suffer with it continually. In some individuals, the sounds are soft and easily masked with white noise or quiet music. Other people, though, deal with louder, more distracting sounds.


The noises can interfere significantly with concentration. Even with audiology treatment, not everyone successfully masks the sounds. Still, the Social Security Administration generally does not recognize this hearing disorder as qualifying for disability benefits. That’s why it’s important to have a Social Security Disability attorney in Mesa, AZ, for legal representation.

Official Diagnosis

It’s crucial for this applicant to be diagnosed with disabling tinnitus by at least one audiologist. This specialist physician evaluates the patient’s hearing, which is essential because tinnitus is sometimes a symptom of hearing loss. Additional tests are required for diagnosis and confirm the problem’s severity.

Medical Documentation

Medical records must be sent with the application to support the claim. The audiologist must provide notes about the patient’s functional limitations and how this negatively affects full-time work.

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