Whether it is you or a loved one who is curious about the potential benefits of a senior companion program in Chevy Chase, MD, it’s valuable to take the time to identify them. After all, a lot of seniors balk at the idea of having companion care because they think of it as a sort of full-time or fairly constant level of companionship from a trained expert. In fact, senior companion programs are not that way at all.

What to Expect from a Senior Companion Program in Chevy Chase, MD

In fact, what you find when you work with experts in the field is simple non-medically-oriented assistance that is more like a friendly visit from someone interested in your wellbeing. Much like a loved one stopping by every day to see how you are doing or even sit down to share a meal, a game of some sort, or for a trip out on the town, a senior companion program in Chevy Chase, MD offers the same sort of care. If you by any chance though: “Well, it sounds more like company than any sort of care!” you would be correct.

The Activities That a Program of This Kind Could Offer Would Include:

  • Someone to take you or a loved one to do errands or outings on a daily or regular routine.
  • Someone to pay friendly at-home visits to make you a bit of company every day.
  • Someone to help you or a loved one keep up with a healthy social calendar, such as a weekly trip for shopping, medical appointments and other events, but also for religious services, social gatherings and more.
  • The companion might be someone who takes you are loved one out to lunch once a week or to a movie every Sunday, and much more.

The goal of such type of care is to keep seniors active and engaged in the world, and many would benefit from such treatment. If you are eager to learn more about a senior companion program in Chevy Chase, MD, get in touch with the team at Capital City Nurses. With more than 40 years of service, offering comprehensive support to families and individuals in need of home or companion care, hospice support and Alzheimer’s and dementia care, they have the expertise and professionalism you deserve at the moment you need it. Contact them online or by phone at 866-807-7307.

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