Fleas are a pest that no one wants to have to deal with. These parasitic insects often invade your dog or cat’s coat and cause itching and irritation. Once on your pet, they begin to easily lay thousands of eggs, that hatch within a matter of days. Fleas often invade your home through your pets. Even an outside pet can allow for a flea infestation to begin in your home. All it takes a couple of fleas in your house and soon, you will have a full infestation. Fleas not only cause problems for your pets, but they also cause itchy bites on humans. They are difficult to see with the naked eye, but big enough to pack quite a bite on your skin. If you are experiencing problems with fleas, you need Flea Removal in CT. Through an exterminator, your flea problem can be taken care of swiftly.

How Will the Exterminator Rid Your Home of Fleas?
If you find fleas on your pet, chances are, you have them in your home. This is because the female flea lays her eggs on the surface of the hair of your pet. These eggs fall off, landing on furniture, carpet and bedding. They do not need a live host to make them hatch and can hatch anywhere in your home. This means you could have a fully new population of fleas every week. Without flea control, your home could quickly become infested and you and your pets could begin suffering.

To rid your home of fleas takes an aggressive multi-step approach. Not only will your home need to be treated, but your pets will as well. It will take time to completely remove all of the fleas, because new larvae will be hatching in the midst of the treatment period. Your exterminator will have the expertise to get rid of thes pests and can give you helpful information on keeping them away permanently.

If your home has been invaded by fleas, contact Triple AAA American Exterminators and allow them to come out and take care of the problem. They can get rid of your fleas, so your home is pest-free again.

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