In the past, getting socks as a gift for someone was often considered a holiday disappointment. This was before socks had their fashion renaissance. Today, we are living in the times of fuzzy footwear where socks have gone from plain garments to cozy pieces of art.

Hence it is no surprise that brands are now opting for socks with logo to create a unique brand identity that their consumers can buy. The process of creating socks with logo is actually quite simple.

Choose Your Design

The process of creating custom logo socks for your brand is very easy. All you need to do is first choose a simple logo design to work with and provide that to the sock manufacturer. The sock manufacturer can also show you several custom designs.

Customize Your Socks

Once you have determined the logo for your brand’s socks, then comes the style. You can choose from varying styles such as no-show, crew, knee-high, and even quarter-length socks. Custom crew socks with logo are a great option to choose as they are ideal for walking, and unlike ankle socks, they are not going to slip under the foot. This makes crew socks a popular option for retail.

Materials and Add-ons

Little details such as embroidery, sew-on labels and custom cuffs can add a level of detail that can make a great impression on the consumers. A custom tag can also be added to create a memorable unboxing experience for your clients.

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