It is approximated that over 100 million Americans have cable at the moment. The cable company offers many different packages, and channels, that you can’t get via an antenna. Not only that, but they are responsible for over 1.8 million American’s having jobs, and are a driving force in America’s economy. The debate over whether cable TV is really worth the money, has raged on for many years now. Below you will find the pros and cons of having cable. If you don’t have cable, and would like to, then you can contact the cable tv Iowa City professionals to get you set up today.

The Big Dog Satellite Company can tell you that the variety of channels that you can get with a cable TV subscription can seem endless. The selection is so wide that there should be no reason that anyone in the household should not be able to find something to watch. However, the down side to these packages, is that the channels are grouped all together, and you have no control over what channels you get in what packages. The packages can run into being quite expensive as well. Parental blocks are available however, to make sure that certain channels aren’t accessible by children.

The cable tv Iowa City professionals can also tell you that cable has proven to be the more reliable TV service on the market today, over antenna and satellite. When the satellite is out because of wind, and storms, people who have cable are still nine times out of 10 enjoying their programming. Some cable companies may still experience outages but that is becoming less and less often as technology improves the lines.

Basic cable doesn’t require you to have bulky boxes for connection; however, if you want digital or HD services, then you will have to have boxes in order to view the programming. Many times with a new contract, this stuff is free, however, after the trial period you will start being charged. This is something that you want to keep an eye on, or your bill will suddenly shoot through the roof, and you will have no idea why.

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