When people buy a house that has been standing empty for a long time and needs work, they typically tackle the interior first unless the exterior is in distinct need of repair. If the paint is peeling away and the wood is in danger of rotting, hiring a painting service quickly is a good idea. The painters also can give the interior a facelift if the new owners are ready for this part of the Home Remodel in Tacoma Wa.

Since interior paint is mainly a cosmetic improvement, buyers of fixer-uppers often leave this project until more important work is done. However, if the exterior needs paint to prevent wood damage, having all the work completed as one project will save money.

Dealing With Wood Decay

In some instances, wood decay has already occurred in certain places, most commonly on or around the windowsills. Those frames might need to be replaced, but the customers may decide to wait on that project. Adding a layer of paint provides protection for now and prevents further deterioration. It also provides a cosmetic touch-up so the house looks nicer, although the problem will be visible on close viewing.

Transforming the Appearance

A fresh coat of paint during an exterior Home Remodel in Tacoma Wa can dramatically change the look of a house when the owners choose a color in another part of the spectrum. This transforms the aesthetic appearance so that people who routinely drive through the neighborhood are startled and impressed. Friends and relatives who may have wondered whether these real estate buyers had lost their minds when choosing a fixer-upper now realize the underlying beauty of the house.

A More Subtle Update

However, many homeowners are already happy. for the most part, with the way the exterior looks. If they like the existing color, they might choose something similar but make a big change for the trim. People are often surprised at the remarkable difference they can achieve just with a trim update. They can get ideas by browsing photo galleries online, and the representatives from a company like Tracy’s Quality Painting may have some helpful suggestions.

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