Many parents are interested in enrolling their young children in After School Programs in Fairfield CT so they don’t need to have a babysitter for the hours until they arrive home from work. The idea of a program focusing on physical activity may seem intriguing, but they wonder whether their kids are too young for certain kinds of athletics. What about gymnastics? Can youngsters in elementary school participate?

Age Considerations

Actually, even toddlers can start taking gymnastics lessons, even though this may seem mind-boggling to some adults. They might think back to their own childhood and how they may have learned basic tumbling moves like somersaults before they began kindergarten. There are distinct advantages to enrolling elementary school children in After School Programs in Fairfield CT that include gymnastics as an activity.

Examples of Activities

Children of this age can work on their balance on the balance beam with a foam mat underneath for protection. They can perform various gymnastic poses on the mats that are similar to those performed by Olympics stars as a short break in the midst of a more demanding routine.

Mental and Psychological Benefits

The sport has mental and psychological benefits in addition to physical ones. Children become more confident as they increase their physical skills. They learn the value and importance of regular practice to be successful in an athletic pursuit. It may take numerous attempts before they are able to perform a gymnastics move, but when they succeed, they take pride in their accomplishment.

The teachers guide the participants to be respectful of other children whose skills are not as strong. They learn to act together as a team as well as to work on their individual determination.

Low-Level Competition

These programs don’t focus on the intense competitiveness of a league sport or parents hoping to one day see their children compete in the Olympics. In programs at a center such as Next Dimension Gymnastics, kids are not pressured to master motor skills before most children of their age are able to. The idea is to have fun while cultivating the benefits of this type of activity.

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