During feed processing, many ingredients need to be reduced in size. These feed ingredients may include corn or coarse cereal grains that may require particle size reduction to improve their performance and nutritional value. One way to achieve this particle size reduction is by using Hammer Mills. A hammer mill is a device that can grind and crush a large variety of materials. A typical hammer mill consists of a delivery device, screen, rotor and hammers. The delivery device introduces the material being crashed into the path of the hammers. Hammers smash the materials to reduce their size. The rotor and screen help to ensure that the final product is of a desired size. Here are the top three styles of Hammer Mills in Oregon.

Horizontal Infeed Mills

In a horizontal hammer mill, the ingredients are fed into the side of the mill instead of the top. This design is suitable for long, liner materials that need must be processed without a pre-grind. Horizontal infeed mills have heavy-duty screens that cover the discharge area to ensure the finished product is of a desired size.

Gravity Discharge Industrial Mills

Gravity discharge industrial mills feature a rectangular steel chamber that houses a shaft to which the swinging hammers are attached. When the shafts rotate, the hammers smash the materials. Size reduction occurs via contact with the breaker plate inside the grinding chamber and through particle on particle contact. Due to their simplicity, gravity discharge industrial mills are readily adaptable to varying sizes and mill designs.

Pneumatic Discharge Mills

They have a similar grinding mechanism to the gravity discharge mills. However, pneumatic discharge mills have thinner hammers and the interior walls of the grinding chamber feature ribbed liner plates. The plates work in unison with the hammers, and through particle-to-particle impact to reduce the material size. Pneumatic discharge mills are ideal for cutting materials such as wood chips, wood scrap and green wood.

Other types of Hammer Mills in Oregon include full circle screen mills and lump breakers. To get a quality hammer mill at an affordable price, only contact a certified feed processing equipment supplier. For more information about hammer mill systems, and how to contact a reputable mill supplier, go to Millserviceco.com.

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