Used cars and trucks just don’t get enough love these days. In an era where people want the next best thing before it’s even released, it’s natural that a Ford used car dealership in Knoxville, TN, might get overlooked in the parade of new dealerships out there, but the fact is that used is sometimes better than new. The idea that nothing could be as great as a new car is a myth. For practical people with practical budgets, used cars can provide the best value when you’re buying a car. There are a few good reasons that you might choose to buy used over new.

The most obvious reason for shopping used vehicles is that you can sometimes get a used car for cheaper than a new car you have to settle for because it’s the lowest price on the totem pole. A mid-priced used car will get you better features and sometimes even more modern features depending on how used you want to go. Used cars are cheaper than new cars, but they aren’t necessarily a lesser value. When you buy used, you get a lower down payment (sometimes no down payment) and a lower monthly payment. Given that dealerships work hard to promote used cars, you can get great incentives on them and even save hundreds of dollars in car insurance every year, compounding your savings.

In this modern era, perhaps the best thing about used cars is that they have a publicly available car history that lets you see how well someone has taken care of that vehicle. You can search through its accident history, maintenance history, and even repair history. Knowledge is power, especially when buying a vehicle. Ray Varner Ford is a Ford used car dealership in Knoxville, TN, that you can depend on, and you can visit here:

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