The roof is a protective covering for the occupants and property in a building. As it protects, it faces harsh weather conditions and harsh elements that subject it to deterioration and decay. The harsh elements and weather conditions increases its risks of damage. To avoid huge costs in replacement, contact a roofer to inspect the state of your roof. After a roofer inspects your roof, they will be able to give you credible advice that will help you prolong the life of your roof. The frequency of roof inspection is dependent on;

  • the weather conditions

  • age of the roof

  • conditions of the roof during last inspections

  • the foot traffic on the rooftop

As you set up an inspection with Aurora IL Roofers, remember;

  • It is good to set the inspection six months apart and mostly at spring and fall

  • After a severe weather event, call a roofer to inspect your roof. Even if there are no visible damages to the roof, the harsh conditions could have damaged the roof. Unfortunately, the effects might be seen when it is too late when another harsh weather condition hits your roof

  • Trees are a source of problem to the roofs; when the leaves fall on the roof, they accumulate and clog the drains and gutters. As a consequence, they inhibit proper drainage. When the leaves are left on the roof, they hold moisture which leads to deterioration and eventual damage

  • When a roofer comes for inspection, they should examine previous repairs to determine whether there needs to be replacements

  • The roofer should also ensure that there are no gaps in the equipment and rooftop vents. If there are gaps, seal them with cement

After the inspection, professionals from Showalter Roofing are capable of advising you on the remaining life of your roof and to give tips on how to protect your roof. Consult Showalter Roofing Services, Inc. for your inspection, repair, maintenance and replacement needs. Like us on our facebook page.

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