When you love your child you want to do the very best for them in every way possible. This means what you feed them, how to clothe them and how you educate them from preschool on through their collegiate years. Searching for a Gifted School in Silver Spring might be your goal. A Gifted School in Silver Spring can achieve the finest of academic learning where public schools and most private schools can not begin to compete. This is where the Feynman School has become a leader in the field of education for the young scholar needs a Gifted School in Silver Spring.

If your child is far more advanced in emotional maturity, academics and creativity you want an education that can meet their needs. A system of learning that focuses on exploration rather than learning by rote is what helps to make young minds move in circles of brilliance. Having your child accessed by the professional team at Feynman School is the first step to see if this particular type of education is what they need.

The school searches for candidates that not only have a potential for higher learning but the maturity to excel in a complex and depth filled environment. Curriculum offers reflect subjects that offer deeper learning and with far reaching ramifications. Subjects include traditional offerings such as mathematics, science, language skills and various foreign languages. The creative arts of music, art and dramatics are also on hand for cultural enrichment purposes. Extra curricular activities are available as well, where sports, games and other hobbies can be enjoyed.

Unstructured learning joins physical activity and play to form a fully rounded student and future adult. Families with preschool age children of at least three years old can be enrolled. Classes exist from preschool up to third grade, and have a teacher student ratio as low as six to one. Each class is small with an average of twelve to sixteen students per teacher led group. Here students are encouraged to apply higher thinking skills to make sense of the world and enhance their experiences in it as they mature.


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