Some people love the idea of long, luxurious lashes that are great for batting and fluttering. Of course, most people don’t have this type of lashes naturally. That’s why salons sometimes offer Eyelash Extensions. Before taking the plunge, there are a few things you should be aware of.

It’s a Long Process

Putting on some fake eyelashes doesn’t take very long, so not everyone is aware that getting Eyelash Extensions isn’t a quick stop at the beauty parlor, but can actually take as much as three hours, during which you can’t read or play on a cell phone. You just need to sit there with your eyes shut. This is because the extensions are actually put on one at a time and glued in.

They Aren’t Carefree

Some people might be considering getting these extensions in order to spend less time with mascara and eyelash curlers. Well, this might be true, but you’ll wind up spending just as much or more time caring for the extensions. The extensions have to be blow dried with a special dryer, and also come with special tools, brushes and cleansers that you need to use to care for them properly. If you accidentally forget about them and rub your eyes hard, you may actually knock them off, which will leave your lashes looking uneven.

Not Necessarily Obvious

Not everyone will instantly realize that your lashes are suddenly long and beautiful. They will look nice, but those who look closely may realize that they aren’t real. Don’t expect to get constantly complimented on how great your lashes look.

Maintenance Necessary

Should you want to keep the look provided by the extensions, it will be necessary to go in every three or four weeks for touch-ups. The extensions only last a total of about 6 to 8 weeks before the lashes they’re attached to will finish their growth cycle and fall out, leading to the need for another trip to the salon for extensions.

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