When it comes to having custom exhibit displays at a trade show there are a few tips that can ensure your success. Even with all the bells and whistles at your display if you do not take time and put in effort to do the following actions prior to the day of the event, chances are it will be a total wash.

Create a Plan

You need to decide what your specific goals for the trade show are. Is it to generated leads? Increase brand awareness? If you do not have a specific goal for the event, you will have no way to know if it was successful.

Determine what a Lead is

There is no way to talk to every single person at a trade show. This means you need to determine your ideal prospect, which will be similar to your target audience, and then work on talking to and finding those people.

Engage your Prospects

Determine what your potential customers need and how you offer a solution to solve their particular problem. You need to be sure that this is clearly evident in your booth design and presentation.

Let Customers know where you will Be

It is essential to promote the trade show before the actual event. If people do not know you are going to be there, or where you are, you will not benefit from visits from your existing customers, or people that want what you have to offer. You can promote a number of ways, including social media, in your physical store and even with old-fashioned snail mail. The point is to let people know where you will be and what you have to offer.

Keep Things Simple

While you want to ensure that your booth is visited, you need to keep it simple. This means no clutter and avoiding overstimulation. If you have too much going on, chances are trade show attendees will simply walk by your booth.

Make sure your Presentation is Short and Sweet

You need to focus on the problems that you are going to solve for your target customer and then use the words that will encourage them to stop by your booth.

Using these tips you can feel confident that you will have a successful trade show booth, be able to gather leads and increase your brand awareness. Don’t let the day sneak up on you with no pre-planning being done, as this will likely result in a waste of time and money.

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