Driveway Paving Companies in Madison CT provide asphalt installation, repair, sealing and replacement service. After installation, it’s important to have the pavement resealed as often as recommended and crack repair done promptly. Otherwise, the asphalt deteriorates and cracks get larger. This leads to a faster need for more expensive work.

Overlay Resurfacing

Even with these routine services, the blacktop eventually will need to have a top layer removed and new asphalt placed. That work can be significantly delayed with the more routine maintenance and repairs by a company such as Sullivan Paving, however. Browse the website to learn more about this particular contractor.

This process is known as overlay resurfacing and can be completed by Driveway Paving Companies in Madison CT. The new top layer is about 2 inches thick and should extend the lifespan of the pavement by at least 10 years as long as regular maintenance and repair work is performed.

Full Reconstruction

Full reconstruction of the driveway is advisable if the pavement is more than 20 years old. Asphalt simply does not last forever. It is vulnerable to the effects of weather elements over the years, including ultraviolet light and repeated freezing and thawing. People tend to think of blacktop as deteriorating because of icy and snowy conditions, but sunny days take their toll a well. If that were not the case, asphalt pavement in southern states would never need repair or replacement.

A driveway that is not this old can still deteriorate substantially if it is ignored. Edges crumble, and cracks and holes widen substantially. The pavement becomes an eyesore, and patchwork repairs on this level of damage do not last very long.


Sealcoating done in spring gets the pavement ready for hot summer sun. Although property owners pay a fee for the service, they’ll save money later because the asphalt stands up against weather elements and heavy vehicles better.


Asphalt manufacturers are continually working to improve the material, so customers of paving contractors can expect to see results as the years roll on. Porous asphalt is becoming an increasingly popular choice, for instance, as it allows rainwater and melting snow to seep directly down instead of running off the sides. You can also follow them on Facebook.

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