The possibility of an unplanned pregnancy is there anytime that you have unprotected intercourse. Therefore, you might be pregnant if you’ve engaged in such activities. The following are three early signs of pregnancy that you may be experiencing.

Missing or Irregular Period

One of the first signs of pregnancy is a missing menstrual period. You could very well be pregnant if your monthly cycle does not show up when you expect it to. Furthermore, you could also be pregnant if your cycle is much lighter or shorter than it usually is. Some people experience implantation bleeding, and others experience light periods because of low levels of the pregnancy hormone. It’s best for you to see someone if you experience either of those irregular symptoms.

Nausea and/or Vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are also famous symptoms of early pregnancy. They occur because of the rapid change of hormones in a new mother’s system. Rapidly increasing progesterone doesn’t always go over well, and neither does the pregnancy hormone, HCG. You may be carrying a child if you’ve had unprotected sex, and you become nauseous daily for no apparent reason.

Difference in Energy Level or Appetite

Pregnancy may cause you to have food aversions and fatigue. Certain smells and tatste might make you sick to your stomach. Alternatively, you might start liking foods that you’ve never liked before in your life. Your appetite could go up or down. What’s important is that you notice a change in your appetite or eating behaviors. They could both be signs that you have a little life forming inside you.

It would be wise for you to contact a provider for free pregnancy tests in Jacksonville if you think you may be pregnant. That way, you can get the help and care you need so that you can make a positive decision.

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