The simple truth is that vacuuming is a task many home owners dread doing. Unfortunately, it is a necessary task for those who wish to have a clean home. For that reason, it’s a good idea for home owners to find ways to make vacuuming easier. One thing home owners may not know about that can help achieve this goal is the installation of a central vacuum cleaner. These systems are built into the home as a semi-permanent appliance instead of being carried around ad stored away like a portable vacuum.

For those who are wary about making this kind of addition to their homes, here are three solid reasons why a central vacuum cleaner actually offer home owners an advantage:

  • Cleaner Air:
  • Many portable vacuums operate inefficiently and end up releasing allergens like dust and mold back into the air even after they have sucked them up. Fortunately, central vacuum systems work much more efficiently, drawing allergens into the vacuum before exhausting them outdoors. A central vacuum also provides deeper cleaning because it has a bigger and more powerful motor to provide strong suction that gets the dirt below the surface of the carpet or furniture.
  • Eliminates Wasted Effort and Money:
  • In most cases, a central vacuum will be much easier to use than a portable vacuum. There will be no need for power or extension cords, a central vacuum has a larger trash capacity so there is no need to empty containers or change bags frequently, and central vacuums are much less noisy. In addition, central vacuum parts are more durable, which means that home owners save money on not having to replace their vacuum every few years.
  • Lightweight:
  • Home owners will be happy to know that central vacuum systems are lightweight and easy to maneuver. There will be no lugging vacuums up and down the stairs or trying to use a bulky machine to clean awkward spaces. This is especially god news for older adults or those who cannot or don’t want to carry heavy things around the house.

Central vacuum cleaner systems may require a bit of an investment up front, but it’s worth it for the myriad benefits these systems can provide to home owners. Log on to to learn more about why central vacuums are a home owner’s best bet for keeping the house clean in the easiest, most hassle-free way.

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