Everyone loves a good comfortable mattress. Did you know that you spend about a third of each day on yours? If you’re in the market for a new mattress, you’ll want to take your time and ponder some considerations before heading to a mattress store in Cleveland and buying one.

What You Need

There are quite a few different types of mattresses available, each with its particular features and limitations. If you’re looking for support and pressure relief when you’re dozing, then memory foam is for you. However, if you’re desiring a little more bounce and response from your mattress, then check out latex, unless you want a lot of bounce in which case you’d buy a coil mattress. For those who have specific position needs, adjustable beds might be the right choice.

What You Can Afford

When you start shopping for mattresses, you’ll soon come to realize that there are a lot of expensive choices. If you can afford something costly, and it works for you, then, by all means, you should purchase it. However, you could ruin a good night’s sleep if you end up spending more than you can afford, no matter how comfortable the mattress is. Additionally, the price of a mattress is not always indicative of its quality. If you’re spending big bucks at a mattress store in Cleveland, make sure most of your money is going to the mattress and not a markup.

Your Weight

Mattresses come in firmness levels. If you’re a light person (less than 150 lbs), then you won’t have to worry so much about sinking and would seek a firmness level of around five or six. The heavier you get, the higher level of firmness you’ll want, unless you don’t mind sinkage.

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