So, you’ve decided to re-tile one of your house’s floors. Whether it be damage to the old tile, or that you really did just despite that old pattern and have been saving up for a replacement job, you’re finally on the hunt for brand new tile. Which means that now you must traverse the complicated world that is tile. You’ve an arduous journey ahead, so there’s nothing wrong with asking for directions, which this article is more than happy to provide. So, if you’re on the hunt for tile distributors in Brooklyn, here is a short guide to properly buying tile.

#1. Tile size

This one comes down to either your personal preference or the type of room you’re installing the tile into. If you’re dealing with a narrow hallway, where detail is key, then smaller tiles are the way you want to go. They’re easier to fit into any tight space that may be in the room, and can make for more elaborate overall designs. However, larger tiles are best for larger rooms like the living room. They cover more area, making for faster jobs, and are much easier to install. They can also make for great individual patterns, since their larger size allows for that.

#2. Material

With tile, you typically have three kinds of materials: stone, glass, and ceramic, with the occasional blend of synthetic materials made by independent manufacturers. While all four of these options have their appeals, and it’s ultimately up to you to decide what you want, highest recommendation goes to ceramic. It’s highly durable, can be used for both floors and walls (whereas stone is far too heavy for walls), and will result in you having the widest options for patterns and colors.

#3. Price

If all you want is a good, sturdy material to line your floors, then going cheap isn’t a problem at all. However, if you want your floor to be both sturdy and pleasing to look at, then a higher priced tile brand will be the route you want to go. On top of that, a higher priced tile will typically have a richer pigment, or even be hand painted or denser.

In conclusion, the best way to shop for tile if you haven’t already is to simply do your research and learn all you can about tile before you go to buy. This is going to cost you a pretty penny, so you want to make sure that you know a lot about what you’re doing beforehand. However, if you still have questions, put Italian Tile NYC next on your list of tile places to visit, where the experienced staff will be more than happy to help you find the right tile you need for your home in no time flat.

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