These days, you can get a deep and thorough house cleaning without having to use any harsh and/or hazardous chemicals. Many years ago, a lot of the most popular and widely used cleaning products contained some pretty hazardous chemicals.

Chemicals Used For Deep House Cleaning in St. Paul, MN That Are Considered Hazardous

Back in earlier years, there were a lot of cleaning products that contained chemicals that could be harmful to humans, animals, and even the environment. If used today, certain cleaning products and even a select few air fresheners, if used indoors, could expose you to potentially health-hazardous chemicals.

Terpenes, are chemicals that a lot of pine, orange, and lemon-scented cleaners use in order to give them their particular scents. These terpenes can actually have a certain reaction with the ozone and end up producing toxic compounds that could be significantly toxic. They even produce formaldehyde. Formaldehyde has been classified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or EPA to be a probable human carcinogen. It has also been linked to toxicity of organ systems as well as effects in development. Ethylene-based glycol ether, which is another compound chemical that the EPA has classified as hazardous because it’s an air pollutant, is also found in a decent amount of popular cleaning products that are used for deep house cleaning in St. Paul, MN.

Other Hazardous Toxins Found In Products Used For Deep House Cleaning in St. Paul

  • Phenols- These are disinfectants that are found in a range of deep house cleaning products. Being exposed to these chemicals long-term has been linked to health conditions in animals such as heart disease and liver, heart, lung, and kidney damage.
  • Naphthalene- This is a chemical that is commonly used in both mothballs and toilet deodorant blocks. It has been labeled by the Department of Health and Human Service as a human carcinogen due to the fact that it can destroy red blood cells, which can lead to a health condition called hemolytic anemia.
  • Benzene- This chemical is one that is found in some of the widely used detergents. It can be harmful to your bone marrow and your red blood cells. If you are exposed long-term to high levels of benzene in the air, you could be at risk for developing leukemia.
  • Phthalates- These chemicals are often used as plastic softeners. They are also additives found in some house cleaning products in order to help retain their fragrance. These chemicals have been linked to sperm damage in men and in newborn baby boys. It can also cause other reproductive problems.

Luckily, neither you nor any maid or cleaning service ever have to use these hazardous products for deep house cleaning in St. Paul.


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