Terrazzo flooring is very popular for many reasons, so when there is damage or other problems, terrazzo restoration is a way to get your floors back to their original condition and looking beautiful once again.

What Causes Need for Restoration

Several things can cause damage to terrazzo floors if they are not properly maintained or cleaned, as they are very sensitive to damage if they are not sealed properly. The floor could also get scratched or chipped and become impossible to fix unless you call in a terrazzo restoration specialist to handle the job. Other reasons restoration could be needed is due to the flooring getting dull, stained or getting holes in it.

What Does Restoration do for Your Flooring

A terrazzo repair specialist can get your terrazzo flooring restored to its original beauty and shine. However, one of the first things that has to be done prior to repairing any damage is to access the problem, and to thoroughly clean it using proper cleaning materials. Terrazzo floors should be mopped down with warm water to get up the dirt, then the repairmen will be able to properly see the damage.

Methods of Restoration

One of the ways that terrazzo flooring can be restored is by sanding down any holes and patching them so that the patching is level with the old floor material. This involves grinding down a layer of the floor material, which gets rid of any discoloration, stains and uneven surfaces. It could then be polished to restore its sheen and shine.

Terrazzo floors are beautiful creations that help to make your home shine, but when it gets old or damaged and you are in need of terrazzo restoration and live in the Miramar, Florida area, then call Trend Terrazzo at (863) 655-0164.

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