If you’re hosting an event, you want your guests to have the convenience of a nearby restroom that’s clean. When you rent Portable Restrooms in Long Beach, CA your guests will be happy and comfortable. Read these helpful tips before renting portable restrooms for your next event.

Place the portable restrooms in a location where they can easily be seen by your guests. Don’t place them too far away from the main events because some people may not be able to walk long distances.

Supply portable hand wash stations so your guests can feel clean after using the restroom. You can choose from a cold or warm water hand wash station and they both operate by foot pumps. Paper towels and liquid soap is conveniently locate d at each station. A hand wash station is especially important if you’re serving food and drinks at your event.

Place the restrooms on solid, flat ground and make sure that the ground leading up to the restrooms is also flat and free of obstacles. Since there will be a lot of people walking back and forth in that area, you don’t want them to step in a hole or trip over a rock on the way to the restroom.

Make sure that you have enough Portable Restrooms in Long Beach, CA to handle the crowd at your event. If you’re unsure of how many you’ll need, a representative can help you with your decision.

The standard model is available with sanitary seat covers, hand sanitizer or a built in sink and a mirror mounted on the door. The deluxe models have a flushable toilet and sink, both with foot pumps. Rent handicap accessible toilets that have more room and built in safety rails inside for wheel chairs and mothers with small children.



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