As you travel down the road, your car may encounter many hazards. Thankfully, your brakes can bring you to a sudden stop to avoid many problems. However, if you do not take good care of the brakes, you could expose yourself to some dangerous situations. Here are some tips from your car brake repair service in Oklahoma City, for proper brake maintenance.

Brake Fluid

When you are under the hood checking the oil or other things, do not forget to look at the brake master cylinder reservoir. It should have a “full” mark, and if you see you are low on brake fluid, you have a problem. Auto brake systems do not suddenly lose fluid unless you have a leak. Fluid leaks can eventually cause part of your brake system to fail, and you should take your vehicle to your car brake repair service in Oklahoma City as soon as you can.

Listen to Your Brakes

Your brakes sometimes tell you when there is a problem. For example, do you hear a squealing noise each time you apply the brake pedal or make a sharp turn? This usually means the brake pads are worn down to the wear sensors.

Wear sensors are soft sections of metal which rub against the brake rotor when the pads wear to a certain level. This metal does not scratch or damage the rotor. It creates a noise which alerts you of the problem. Tell your local car brake repair service in Oklahoma City about your brake noises, and they can take care of them promptly.

Take it Easy on the Brakes

Before you reach a stop sign or traffic light, let off the accelerator and coast to a stop. This habit reduces wear and tear on your brake linings. However, do not put your transmission in “neutral” to coast because it can eventually cause transmission problems.

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