Cleaning the gutters is something most homeowners do not think about, let alone actually want to do. However, to keep the exterior of the home healthy, it is something they must do. Here are some cleaning tips from the experts so any homeowner can avoid potentially costly Gutter Service in Edmonds Wa.

To Scoop Or Not To Scoop

Debris such as leaves and seeds naturally collect in the bottom of the gutter. These can be easily scooped out by using a trowel or a small plastic kids beach shovel. This should be done on a fairly regular basis to avoid having the gutter become clogged. A clogged gutter can lead to a whole host of problems. Experts also state it is much easier to scoop the debris out when it is wet versus when the debris is dry and crumbly.

Hose It Out

Take a high-pressure hose and aim it downwards so the water is jetting out the bottom of the gutter spout. This is a fast and easy way to clear out any gunk residing throughout the length of the gutter. The downside is the job can get quite messy. If mud gets on the side of the house, make sure to spray that away as well. To get any encrusted dirt off the actual gutter, use a stiff brush.

Snake It

Sometimes, there may be instances of debris which is too difficult to remove by simply hosing it out. IN times like these, the homeowner can simply use a plumber’s snake to knock loose any debris which may be blocking the gutters. While this is a “last resort”-type of action, it is a simple one and can be done quickly and safely. The main goal is to make sure the gutter can drain the water so no serious backups or drainage issues occur.

If the homeowner would rather not do the work themselves, they can always hire a reputable company specializing in Gutter Service in Edmonds Wa. This way they can be assured the work is done quickly and safely and will be guaranteed as well. Some things are just worth paying more for.

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