Hiring on with a trucking company as an hourly driver or as an OTR driver does not have to be a guessing game as to the type of company. Taking the time to review the various trucking companies hiring in your area is easy to do thanks to the information that is readily available online.

As a general statement, looking for trucking companies hiring with an elevated standard for drivers is always a sign of a top company. These companies want to hire drivers with clean driving records and a solid work history, ensuring quality trucking services for their customers. This also tends to indicate a company that is committed to retaining top drivers, which usually means they offer several perks and benefits other companies may not offer.

Size of the Company

The size of the company is always a factor to consider when looking at vacancies. Typically, the larger and more established the trucking company is, the more consistent the work will be for drivers.

Larger companies tend to have a broader customer base, and they have the sales and marketing staff to continue to add new customers, ensuring there is always lots of freight.

The bigger the company, the more flexibility in routes and the easier it may be to move to different routes or driving jobs over time. Check the company reputation on driver forums and feedback sites, and ask around for information from other drivers you may know.

Company Perks and Benefits

All trucking companies hiring should be clear about what is included with the job with regards to benefits and perks. This may include a 401k plan, medical coverage, dental and vision, and other factors such as safety bonuses or even tuition reimbursement.

The benefits typically differ based on the type of trucking job, so be sure to compare options before submitting an application.

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