Natural hair extensions have become extremely popular over the last several years and many women are trying them out for the very first time. After all, who doesn’t want long, gorgeous, full hair? As with anything in the world today, hair extensions have quite a few myths surrounding them that need to be debunked. Read on below for a few of those myths.

They Damage Your Natural Hair
One of the most common myths out there is that hair extensions damage your natural hair. The myth states that hair extensions, even natural hair extensions can leave your hair extremely thin and broken before it’s all said and done. That’s not true. If your extensions are installed the right way, then you shouldn’t have to worry about any damage to your real hair.

They Don’t Blend in with Your Hair
It is said that if you have thicker hair, there is no way that any type of hair extensions can blend in. This isn’t true, because there are different thicknesses when it comes to hair extensions, you just have to choose the right thickness for your hair.

They Are Uncomfortable to Wear
Some people are convinced that hair extensions will weigh down their heads, causing headaches or that the extension will make their head itch. In all honesty, it’s all about how the extension is applied. If someone who knows what they are doing puts in your hair extension, you should have no problems.

These are just a few of the hair extension myths that need to be debunked. If you are considering getting extensions for your hair, don’t believe the myths out there, instead find out for yourself. For more information, contact the professionals at La Crowne Premium Hair Extensions to browse their selection now.

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