If you are a dog owner in the Crofton area, you may find that your furry family member needs some professional help with it comes to their looks. Some dog breeds, like Poodles, require professional dog grooming in Crofton but other breeds, like a Dalmatian, don’t need professional grooming, right? Not quite. Even if your dog isn’t completely covered in scraggly hair, there are many other reasons to see a professional for dog grooming in Crofton. Here are a few:

Your Dog Should Be Comfortable

For dogs with long hair, it is easy to see how visiting a dog groomer in Crofton could bring them a lot of comfort, but for other dogs, it may not be as obvious. However, all dogs can do well with a nice bath. After all, a lot of things can get into the fur including urine, feces, insects, dirt and much more…even if you can’t see it. On top of that, grooming should always involve a little manicure for your dog, and every dog will feel more comfortable when they are able to walk around with shorter nails.

Your Dog Will Be More Clean

As mentioned above, the coat of your dog can be a harbor for dirt, but it can also hold things like dander, dead skin and even hair that has come loose and ready to fall, but is very itchy. Sometimes a nice, professional wash is just what your dog needs to look and smell cleaner. This can also benefit your family, as well, since the dander in your dogs coat will be swept away.

Your Dog Will Be Healthier

Finally, you will find that professional grooming can help your dog to stay healthy. It is important to remember that any groomer is going to have some knowledge about canine healthy and will be doing a fairly thorough check of your dogs body as they groom. This will enable them to check on your dogs ears, mouth, teeth, eyes and skin for any indication that something is wrong. If they find anything, they will be able to tell you what it may be and if you need to see a vet or not. As you can imagine, this type of pet health prevention can be very valuable, indeed.

If you want to learn more about dog grooming in Crofton, contact Gambrills Veterinary Center visit their website.

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