Juvederm is an injectable derma filler often used along the same lines as Botox, as a way to smooth out lines and wrinkles in the face and neck. It’s also commonly used as lip filler, and can plump up thin lips. It is one of the fastest growing non-surgical cosmetic procedure performed across the United States. With the very few side effects and huge advantages of receiving this type of treatment, it’s only going to rise in popularity. Here are the top three benefits of Juvederm in South Atlanta.

Immediate, Long-Lasting Results

While it may take time before the results of other skin filling treatments start to show, Juvederm works almost instantly. Patients may notice the full benefit within hours of receiving treatment, a huge benefit of this type of skin filler. In addition to providing near-instantaneous results, Juvederm also lasts longer than its competitors. In some cases, patients notice results lasting for up to twelve months before needing to have another treatment.

Quick And Painless Procedure

Many people refer to this type of procedure as a “lunchtime treatment”, due to the speed with which it can be administered. Most patients find that their appointments last no longer than twenty minutes, taking up only a portion of their lunch breaks. In addition to being relatively fast, it’s also quite painless. The gel itself contains a type of pain reliever called lidocaine, which helps reduce the amount of pain felt by the injection. While there may be some soreness or tenderness in the following hours, the pain is relatively minor and can be easily treated.

Natural Looking Results

One of the biggest perks for many patients is the fact that the results are much more natural looking than other types of skin filling injections. Some people may be a bit nervous about receiving this type of treatment, because they are worried about losing facial expressiveness. Juvederm is a gel containing many elements that are already in your body, producing a more natural result.

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