Flushing your transmission is sometimes an essential service for optimal performance and gear shifting. Unfortunately, many car owners never think of this service or they just ignore it until it’s absolutely necessary. Here are some tips to help you know when to have your transmissions repair Dallas experts perform a flush for you.

Weird Noises
Have you been hearing weird noises from your transmission when it’s shifting gears? If so, this could be a sign that there is a buildup of grease, dirt and sludge that could be slowing down the gears or even damaging them. The first time you notice this happening, you should check your transmission fluid to see if it’s low. Make sure the engine is still running when you check it so you can get an accurate reading. The level should be up to the “Operating Level” on the dipstick and the color of the fluid should be red. If the fluid has turned brown or black, it’s a sign that there is sludge built up in the gears and you should get it flushed by transmissions repair Dallas experts before driving it much further.

Gear Shifting Problems
When your transmission fluid is flowing freely and it’s at its optimal level, your gears are going to shift smoothly, whether you’re driving an automatic or a manual. But if the fluid or the moving parts of your transmission has dirt or sludge buildup, it’s going to cause a lag in the shifting process that you will notice. And the more it builds up, the more you’re going to notice. With automatic transmissions, gears will often lag or they will change quicker than they are supposed to change. In manual transmissions, you may have problems shifting gears at all. If you notice this happening, get your vehicle to a transmissions repair shop in the greater Dallas area to have your transmission flushed. This will help get the sludge and debris cleared out so you can have a transmission that shifts smoother and more efficiently.

Delays in Moving
Do you notice that your car doesn’t start moving right away when you put it in gear? If so, this could be a sign that you need to flush your transmission. The delays are often caused by fluid that has been contaminated or polluted and it’s not allowed to flow freely through the system. Take your vehicle to a local Dallas area transmission shop to get it diagnosed to see if a flush is the only thing that it needs.

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