Neck pain is common after an accident, but it can also occur as a result of stress, poor physical habits, or disease. Improper posture can put extra strain on neck muscles. Hunching over, reading in bed, or clenching the jaw can also lead to muscle strain and neck pain. Joints in the neck can become worn like other joints in the body. Pain may form from arthritic types of diseases. Bone spurs, herniated disks, and pinched nerves can also cause neck pain. There are several ways to treat Neck Pain in Florissant MO at home.

Pain and swelling in the neck area can be relieved by applying a cold pack. If a cold pack is unavailable, ice or frozen food can be wrapped in a towel and used instead. Pain relievers, such as ibuprofen, may help to ease symptoms. While the pain persists, avoid activities that could aggravate the condition, such as sports and lifting. Driving motor vehicles should also be avoided if the neck cannot comfortably turn.

Some activities can prevent neck pain and injury. During exercise, listen to your body. Rather than pushing through to the end of a workout, injuries are less likely to occur if endurance is gradually built up over time. Maintaining good posture will also help prevent soreness. Neck strains can be avoided by regular stretching to loosen tight muscles.

If the pain is from an accident or does not subside with home care, it is time to seek out professional treatment. Severe pain, pain that is worse in the morning, or neck pain combined with numbness in the extremities will also need to be checked out. A chiropractor will evaluate the musculoskeletal and nervous systems that may be creating neck pain. He will check the neck’s range of motion and look for misalignment. Treatment may include adjustments, exercises, and massage. The doctor may work with a massage therapist to maximize treatment benefits. A massage can warm up the neck area before being adjusted by the chiropractor. Neck pain and the surrounding tissues heal more quickly if the joints are correctly aligned. Visit Website for more information on a chiropractic treatment for Neck Pain in Florissant MO.

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