Correct alignment of truck wheels is extremely important. Alignment is more than just extending the life of the vehicle tires; it is essential for proper steering, stability, vehicle performance and of course, safety.

Those who perform the truck repair in Oak Lawn agree that rigid truck inspection programs can pay for themselves in extended tire wear which means extra loads on the same tires, better fuel economy, more time on the road, driver comfort and less component wear and subsequent replacement.

An 18 wheeler is very different than your family sedan, with a truck the frame, the wheels and the suspension components must be in and remain in perfect alignment to each other. Rather than just focus on one wheel or one axle, the entire truck geometry must be taken into account.

The cost of improper alignment:

Poor wheel alignment affects everything that goes into determining the cost per mile of operating the truck. In many cases, the difference between making money and not can be traced back to poor alignment.

There is much to be done with truck repair in Oak Lawn, but perhaps the two largest maintenance and running costs can be attributed to tire alignment; tire life and fuel consumption. When tires are not running true, they tend to “scrub” along the pavement surface, this increases the rolling resistance which in turn increases the fuel consumption and shortens the life of the tires.

Years of experience and study have shown that the greatest majority of tire wear problems occur on the drive axles. All the engines power and seventy-five percent of all the weight of the truck is on the drive wheels. If they are not driving the vehicle in the direction you want it to go, all you’re doing is wasting fuel and shortening the life of the tires.

One extremely important aspect of truck repair in Oak Lawn is correct alignment. To ensure you are getting the most out of your investment, trust Wilrae, Inc. for your suspension, brake and alignment repairs, and maintenance.

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