Being one of the Twin Cities Singles isn’t as safe as it used to be. In other words, the world no longer lives in the 1950’s where dating is something that is easy and safe. Of course, there were problems in the 50’s, just like there are now, but somehow the world seemed much safer then. If you are a single man or woman in today’s day and age, you have to consider your safety when you go out with someone for the first time. Dating should be fun, but it should also be safe. Below you will find some concrete safety tips for dating the Twin Cities Singles that you will soon meet.

Sadly, there have been many cases in recent years of women going out with men only to be assaulted or murdered by their dates. While, this shouldn’t scare you away from dating the Twin Cities Singles that you meet, it should make you err on the side of caution.

Keep Your Friends in the Know

You should always tell a friend where you will be, whom you will be with, what time you are leaving, and when to expect you home. This isn’t being paranoid; it is covering you in case something goes wrong.

Drive Your Own Car

If this is your first few dates, then you should drive your own car, that way if things get uncomfortable you have your own way home. This is also the best way to avoid giving your date your address, until you know him well enough to trust him with that information.

Always Meet in Public

It is suggested that you meet your date in a public place. This is the best way to stop you from being placed in an unsafe situation, and someone should remember you being there, in case you don’t make it home.

These are just a few tips to help you have successful, fun, yet safe dates. Men as well as women can use these tips. Dating should be a fun experience, but face it, in today’s world; it is plain silly not to take safety precautions as well.

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