Some clogs and other sewer problems are easy enough to resolve, but others require more effort. In certain cases, being able to see exactly what is going on within plumbing and sewer lines will make it much easier to devise an effective solution. Experts at using a Sewer Scope in Portland OR like those at Clog Busters LLC can help out in many cases where a clearer picture of the situation is what is needed the most.

A Powerful Tool When More Information is Required

Many types of plumbing problems can be diagnosed even without being able to see inside the affected pipes and lines. Leaks and simple clogs are often resolved, for instance, without ever looking at what is happening within the plumbing.

On the other hand, there are also plenty of occasions where a good view of the relevant internals will make it much easier to figure out what is going on. Sewer scopes are rugged, waterproof cameras designed to be attached to long, flexible stalks that can be used to position them wherever they might be needed.

Having access to a Sewer Scope in Portland OR can make it much easier to address some of the most serious plumbing problems of all. Such tools are frequently used to look into issues including:


  • Trees need access to plenty of nutrition if they are to grow and remain healthy. Although they normally do so quite slowly, the roots of trees can end up invading sewer drainage lines. Even when it seems obvious that plumbing problems are being cased by invasive tree roots, it will be necessary to locate the exact point of intrusion. A sewer scope or similar device can be used to pinpoint the location of the problem and reveal its extent.


  • When a sewer or other plumbing line cracks underground, it can be almost impossible to locate the damage from above. Digging up an entire line could be costly and undesirable. Once again, a sewer scope can be used to illuminate many such problems.

Easily Accessible Help With Serious Plumbing Problems

Visit our website and it will be seen that there are other ways a sewer scope can be useful. Having access to this type of service can make it possible to resolve plumbing troubles that would otherwise be especially challenging to address. Contact Clog Busters LLC to get more information!

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