There are a few main scenarios a roofing contractor like  can expect when the phone rings. A builder may need a new roof, the owner of a house may need their roof renewed, or someone will need repairs to be done. Here are some things that can be expected in each case.

New Roofing

This is usually required when a new building is put up. It will need an entire new roof, which typically includes elements like a roof deck, layers of insulation, tarpaper, and finally, shingles or another exterior roofing material. Since the underlying layer – the roof deck – also needs to be constructed, this is one of the most costly roofing jobs. Even so, the deck is extremely important to the roof’s integrity, so it’s important not to skimp.

Renewing Old Roofs

In most cases, this boils down to reshingling. If the roof deck is intact, this is a fairly simple job. The old shingles are torn off and thrown away. The same usually goes for the insulation and tarpaper under them. Then, new materials are nailed to the existing roof deck. How long the “new” roof will last depends mostly on the quality of the shingles, so it’s a good idea to get the best possible option.

Repairs and Damage Renovation

If you’ve ever seen pictures of trees that have fallen and bashed right through a roof, you know what “damage renovation” can entail. In these cases, a roofing contractor will have to rebuild the roof rather than just reshingle it. The contractor may have to bring in carpenters and other professionals as well because storm damage usually destroys some of the walls that were meant to support the roof.

Sometimes, extensive damage isn’t the result of a storm. Instead, it’s caused by leaks that were allowed to go unrepaired for too long. The water that comes through a leak doesn’t just go straight into the house. Instead, some of it travels along the roof deck as it seeks the lowest point. Every time it rains, the deck is exposed to more moisture – moisture that then cannot escape. The end result can require the installation of an entire new roof, deck and all. Because of this possibility, it’s important to have leaks fixed while they’re still minor and inexpensive. Like us on Facebook.

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