Any type of moving vehicle has axles, even bicycles, which have the simplest type of axle system. When it comes to cars and trucks, these systems become a lot more elaborate, and are more heavy-duty. Many styles have a lot of parts and components, including parts for steering and a drive system. Basically, an axle is a shaft that allows gears in vehicles to rotate. Axles are also found on toys and heavy machinery. There are different types available, and the weight of a vehicle must be taken into consideration when choosing the right type of axle.

There are other styles that are extremely simple and have no steering components. These are referred to as dead axles. A dead axle is simply to allow wheels to move, and for vehicle support. It is often on the suspension system of heavy duty pickup trucks, as well as on tractor trailers. This type of axle holds all of a vehicle’s weight so the drive axle doesn’t have to do it. The drive axle is one of the most common types of North Dakota axles used on cars and trucks. In front wheel drive vehicles, the components are attached at the front, and for rear wheel drive vehicles, they are mounted in the back, and have rear differentials. This allows torque to go from the drive shaft directly to the axle, and usually it can be found towards the middle of the axle.

Another type of axle is the portal axle, which is different in function from other varieties. It isn’t mounted in the center of the wheels, but above this point, so it requires gears at either end. The gears help to take torque between the axle and wheels. These axle systems are used for off-road vehicles and other vehicles that need to have a lot of clearance such as heavy machinery. They are the most expensive type available, and are not used on everyday vehicles. In North Dakota axles, as well as other car and truck parts, are available at Pioneer Rim & Wheel, selling trailer components and auto parts to area residents since 1911.

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