Almost every building has some fire fighting system in place to stop the spread or prevent fires that could lead to death or destruction of property. Whether you work in an office building, movie theatre or shopping mall, you’re likely to find these options. Even homeowners are starting to equip their homes with these life-saving devices.


You’ll find a variety of equipment, which can include alarms, extinguishers, monitors, communication devices, indicators and smoke diverters. In most cases, buildings will use two or more system styles to prevent accidents and reduce damages. For example, you may have a smoke detector with an alarm, and extinguishers on the premises for small, but containable fires.

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It’s necessary to understand the various types available and how to use them. Companies like Parabellum International can train employees on what to do/where to go, but can also explain more about the fire fighting systems available in your area.

Likewise, they can ensure that you’ve got professionals that are experienced and qualified, as well as vehicles, equipment, and everything else necessary. They can help with industrial fires, aviation rescue, structural fire rescues and so much more.

Various Extinguishers

Most people don’t realise that there are many fire extinguishers out there, making it tough to determine what you need. Primarily, there are two styles, including pressurised dry chemical versions and CO2 extinguishers.

They should be used in accordance with their abilities, and can be classified by various letters. Class A fires must use Class A extinguishers, and so on. It is important that employees know how to use them or know that they should let the professionals handle it, depending on where you are and what is allowed by your organisation. Likewise, a fire emergency plan should be in place to evacuate everyone.

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