Once upon a time, washroom hand dryers were relatively simple. They had an on the button, used an electric motor to blow warmed air out of a down-facing vent, and used a lot of power. That was pretty much all you needed to know. Today, things are different. You’ll find a host of advanced features available with today’s dryer models.

Cost Savings

One of the most important features is the ability to cut costs. This comes in some ways. For instance, the ExtremeAir CPC model features warmed air that doesn’t cost more to create, and can save your business 98% over using paper towels. It’s also GreenSpec® listed and offers dramatically reduced power consumption further benefiting your business (and the environment).

Powerful Performance

In addition to dramatic cost savings, today’s washroom hand dryers offer powerful performance. An excellent example of this is the ExtremeAir GXT model. It delivers ultra-high speed air flow to dry your users’ hands in around 10 seconds. It also includes a built-in timer tied to the infrared hand sensor that allows it to run for up to 35 seconds, although the sensor will ensure that the dryer turns off when the user removes their hands.


In the past, installation of hand dryers was difficult, as you had to adjust them manually to meet your electrical system’s specs. Today’s models are much more intelligent, and can actually auto-detect your system’s power and then adjust themselves to meet those requirements (100 to 240 volts).

Lower Standby Power

Hand dryers are always on, which can mean a lot of power being consumed over time without anything being used. Today’s dryers have much lower standby power needs – in the range of just one watt.

Longer Protection

This one isn’t necessarily a feature that will benefit your users, but it will benefit you. You’ll find that today’s dryers are available with much more warranty protection than ever before. The American Dryer line of dryers all benefits from a five-year premium warranty that includes same-day factory repair or replacement part shipment.

Ready to learn more about the advanced features and capabilities of today’s washroom hand dryers? Get in touch with American Dryer. They have a model that will suit any needs, from basic drying to ADA compliance.

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