Everyone loses multiple strands of hair each day. If parts of the hair are thinner than others, or bald patches are seen, there may be a problem with hair loss. Also called alopecia, hair loss happens for many reasons. The most common cause of hair loss is due to a medical condition called hereditary hair loss. This type of hair loss is caused by genes, aging and imbalanced hormones.

Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatment

Treatment for hair loss should be done by a dermatologist. The dermatologist will need to ask questions. The hair loss patient will be asked if the onset of alopecia was sudden or slowly progressed. The patient will need to list medications and known medical conditions. This information eliminates certain causes.

There are several types of Hair Loss Treatments in West Chester, PA. The condition is best treated when it first shows up. Medicine can be applied to the scalp that helps it regain the ability to grow long, thick hair. It’s FDA approved.

Laser devices emit laser light that stimulates hair growth. The devices can be applied to any area of the scalp. The type of treatment a dermatologist chooses depends on the type of hair loss and how much hair loss has already occurred.

Hair loss caused by a medical condition that causes inflammation may best be treated with corticosteroid. The steroid is injected directly into the scalp.

Surgical Hair Loss Treatments

Hair transplants are done by removing some of the healthy supply of hair from other areas on the head, then replacing it on bald areas. Scalp reduction is done by surgically removing the bald part of the scalp, then joining it with parts of the scalp with hair.

Scalp expansion is done with a device that is inserted under the scalp. The device remains under the scalp for a few weeks to make the skin expand. The targeted goal is to stretch out areas of the scalp with hair to eliminate balding. Schedule an appointment at the BeBalanced Center to start a treatment plan. Please visit the website for more details about Hair Loss Treatments in West Chester, PA.

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