Many of today’s industrial and commercial business owners have already seen the light when it comes to using air compressors to improve the efficiency of their operations. What some still don’t know, though, is how important it is that they also purchase Air Dryers PA air compressors need to operate at peak performance levels and avoid unnecessary wear. Read on to start learning about the importance of drying air before it is compressed below.

Effects of Failing to Dry Air

Compressing air that has a high moisture level can wind up damaging the compressor itself through creating a perfect environment for the development of rust and, in colder climates, making control lines prone to the development of ice. It can also corrode the tools that are being run off of the air compressor, leading to incorrect readings and unnecessary disruptions, and lead to inconsistencies in the products being fabricated in factories that utilize air compressors.

Water Corrosion and Pneumatic Equipment

If water or any other kind of residue can make its way into a compressed air system, it will almost invariably decrease the functional lifespan of both the compressor itself and any tools or equipment it is responsible for power. When pneumatic equipment is exposed to water vapor in the air, it can wind up wearing down the cylinders, leading to the need for frequent replacement of seals and bearings. Similarly, the air sent to gauges, converters, and transmitters must be free of water vapor to ensure that the instruments are working as intended.

Negative Impact on Commercial Food Processing

Although no industry will benefit from water vapor in its air compressors, some industries need to take it more seriously than others. Any company that produces food products needs to exercise extreme caution when utilizing compressed air, as any moisture in the air can wind up contaminating the containers that hold their foods or even their food products themselves. Compressed air is often used to mix ingredients in factories that produce commercial cakes and pastries, for example, which can wind up leading to imbalanced ingredient mixtures and contaminated products.

Learn More Today

The food processing industry is far from the only one that can benefit from the Air Dryers in PA manufacturers provide. Air Center Inc. supplies air dryers and other accessories for a diverse array of different industrial applications. Browse website for more information today.

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